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                                        Bitcoin Prediction 2025: Failure Or Success

Bitcoin Prediction 2025: Failure Or Success

25 Aug 2021

Bitcoin currency is the prototype of all the cryptocurrencies which began in 2009 with an anonymous programmer. The progress of what Bitcoin made in the finance market is quite significant that even large companies began to invest billions of dollars.

Not only that, thousands of altcoins began forking the open-source blockchain and there are few that have created their own blockchain innovation. These innovations became alternative coins or Altcoins for short, other crypto types evolved into a stablecoin backed by a fiat currency. 

Bitcoin crypto coin can be purchased by retail clients in Bitcoin ATMs or online trading and exchange platforms. Although BTC is DeFi or without controlling authority, these platforms are regulated by the state or any country where they are allowed to operate in order to get taxes, information, and to avoid money laundering or other financial crimes.

Bitcoin Overview

The importance of Bitcoin is becoming mainstream for daily use in many countries. In fact, many financial analysts predicted that it can be used as a global currency except for those countries that banned the use of DeFi.

This progress is a huge step towards digital currencies and can be a problem for the central bank in different countries. As central authorities cannot control the DeFi platforms and income taxes per transaction will not be monitored. Also, the risk of money laundering and terrorists acts exploiting the anonymity of using DeFi cryptocurrencies.

That is why many countries banned the use of DeFi as a proactive measure to protect their economy against these factors. However, since cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be accessed worldwide and as long as there's a safe internet, then these restrictions will not be able to hinder the progress of crypto transactions.

Bitcoin also serves as a safe haven for investors to shield their portfolios from market inflation. Other investors are also in the mining business that supports Bitcoin's blockchain system which is done using powerful computers that may cost large amounts of electricity and other energy emissions.

Bitcoin Currency Functioning 

As Bitcoin continues to become widely accepted in many countries such as the US, Canada, and other parts of Europe. Further demand for Bitcoin ATMs is needed to be installed to cater to BTC users' transactions.

Several businesses have already accepted crypto payments for a variety of transactions such as goods, services, and other forms of assets. Many of these assets can be high-value commodities such as gold, silver, or even real estate.

Bitcoin achieved all of this in just a short period of a decade, far above in value than any fiat currencies. Many analysts are now doing Bitcoin price prediction 2025 as to how this cryptocurrency will be in the future. Bitcoin today has a market capitalisation of more than $1.2 trillion USD with a market price of more than $60,000 USD at the time of writing.

Furthermore, more than 18 million coins have already been mined out of the overall total max supply of 21 million coins. So there are less than 3 million coins that are left to be mined, making Bitcoin's value more in demand just like gold, as a matter of fact, Bitcoin is appraised as digital gold.

Bitcoin Price History

In contrast to the present, Bitcoin's value in the past 10 years has been less than a penny. Many people that have ignored this cryptocurrency are now looking back to the lost opportunity they have missed. Many have been converted from sceptical to savvy Bitcoin investors when its price started to explode in 2017. It made headlines in the news at that time and more crypto-curious began to invest.

In 2017, it reached $19,000 but also plunged down suddenly when the hype died down. Nevertheless, towards the end of 2020, the momentum started to change its pace and almost doubled its price from the previous hype. In January 2021, Bitcoin was priced at $41,800, and the bull market continued in April with an astonishing value of $64,800.

Financial advice from investors around the world made Bitcoin price prediction 2025 that it could reach up to $100,000. But it never happened as BTC lost more than half of its value between April and July. Nevertheless, it made another rebound which continues to rise despite restriction and regulatory threats from many countries.

Bitcoin Price Fluctuations 

We have witnessed Bitcoin Price fluctuations happen frequently in which this year alone in early January 2021, we saw a massive growth of Bitcoin besides its volatility. In the same way, these extreme ups and downs have led many investors to lose or gain money.

There are several factors that contributed to these huge fluctuations, such as controversial issues of some countries that banned the use of crypto such as China and Elon Musk which is a prominent influencer to crypto, has withdrawn its support in Bitcoin for its relative carbon emissions that cause harm to the environment.

Even so, a strong recovery in the past month has led to a better Bitcoin price staying at $60,000 and still keeping the momentum at the time of writing. This increase is quite remarkable considering the US government and other countries introducing strict regulations that could slow crypto trading.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

Our Bitcoin price prediction 2025 is quite optimistic considering the bullish Bitcoin's price in the market regardless of the extreme volatility. Institutional adoption of cryptocurrency will have an impact in the next five years. Major investment players such as JP Morgan and other influencers have made positive remarks towards cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is considered by many investors as digital gold, Mark Yusko, the CEO, and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management said that Bitcoin will likely reach a gold equivalence. He also admitted that he was once a Bitcoin and Blockchain sceptic but now an ardent believer of Bitcoin. He stated a BTC price prediction 2025 will likely reach $250,000 and $400,000 to $500,000 by 2030.

Therefore, Bitcoin price prediction 2025 will have a good valuation with a price prediction of more than $100,000 USD. Considering the compound effect and the market acceptance of the DeFi currency. Market volatility is still dictated by people's emotions which can change in an abrupt way that can be affected by factors such as hyperinflation or other economic crises.

Restrictions from countries to regulate trading and exchange companies can also be a factor that makes the value of the coin further due to scarcity. Remember, Bitcoin is decentralized where wealthy individuals or organizations can take advantage of its uncontrolled network where you can be anonymous and can hide wealth. 

Why Is Bitcoin's Price Rising

 Why Is Bitcoin's Price Rising

Since Bitcoin's founder is anonymous and still not found, BTC will remain as the true DeFi as other cryptocurrencies have founders that could potentially influence the direction of the blockchain technology such as Ethereum's major shift to Ethereum 2.0 which can be a deal-breaker to ETH miners.

These are good indicators of strong demand partnered with a lowering coin supply which is nearly at the end of the 21 million coin limit. With these factors in place, the basic formula in the economy of supply and demand will play a strong part in the years to come.

If you see the numbers of the coin supply running low which almost reach its maximum, the halving mechanics of mining Bitcoin will prevent it from running dry until 2140. However, it doesn't erase the fact that it will propel the demand of the price due to scarcity. Remember, Bitcoin is just a decade old cryptocurrency but the miners already mined almost 19 million coins!

No wonder why Bitcoin is tempting enough for billionaires like Elon Musk and other major investors to invest in BTC. Paypal also announced support for Bitcoin, these entities have a credible educational background and financial experience that made an impact in the finance market.

Moreover, BTC's market cap of more than one trillion dollars is quite fascinating to ignore. These solid figures can rally more support from various crypto-curious investors to invest further and many are expected to ride the coattails of Bitcoin's success.

Mobile Payments

These Bitcoin price predictions 2025 can also be linked to other factors such as mobile payments. These days mobile phones can afford higher internet coverage while most crypto trading platforms offer mobile support, therefore the Bitcoin network can now be easily accessed. 

There are lots of perks when using mobile payments with Bitcoin, smart mobile phones these days have the ability to read QR codes or NFC radio technology. With QR codes, other parties can scan your mobile phone that has QR codes in your Bitcoin wallet app, making Bitcoin mobile payments easier. The same goes for NFC radio technology, but it's effortless with just a touch of two phones.

Mobile payments are on the rise, making fiat currencies behind, this will make the blockchain handle more transactions with the help of Bitcoin's lightning network protocol, aiding its transactions speed and scalability problems. 

BTC New World Currency

Bitcoin has already achieved more than a $1 trillion dollar market cap which is quite an exponential leap for a decade-old currency. Many expect these Bitcoin price predictions to have some point as reflected from its incredible rise, only time will tell when its momentum bull run will reach the price prediction.

Can these Bitcoin price predictions affect the New World currency? or a new Bitcoin will rise such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or other altcoins such as stablecoins.

These many predictions can also lure potential sceptics as the current price of Bitcoin is hovering at more or less $50,000. Raoul Pal, the CEO, and founder of Real Vision has made a Bitcoin price prediction that it can reach $1 million dollars in just four years' time.

From the point of view of many sceptics, these digital asset valuations can be a bit unrealistic as the financial market can often be unpredictable to expect. Some Bitcoin price predictions can also be used as a tool to create hype among crypto-curious investors to invest in Bitcoin.

Certainly, the creation of an unknown creator made a giant leap towards a decentralized digital currency that has been used as a global reserve currency. Bitcoin adoption has also been part of countries that suffer hyperinflation which loses their printing money power such as El Salvador and Venezuela using BTC as their alternative currencies. 

These countries that have adopted Bitcoin as their currency will consequently make it legal tender. This is a good indicator that BTC can be the currency of the new world where people use it on everyday payments and the usage of fiat money will be less popular.

As central banks of various governments will make proactive moves that can save their country's economy, many crypto trading platforms will be regulated. The Exchange Commission will be assigned to supervise these platforms to extract taxes and prevent financial crimes such as money laundering.

Aside from that many central banks will also create their own cryptocurrency backed by traditional fiat currency, making crypto payments a norm. These changes can be used for everyday payments and when people who use these cryptos also invest in Bitcoin, it will have a bright future.

Also, some trading platforms are quite risky for most investors such as trading CFDs, requiring legal supervision from authorities to avoid further investment losses.

Final Thoughts

The appraised value of Bitcoin nowadays is also considered unbelievable and surprising to many, how much more a decade ago. No one was able to predict the sudden rise of the DeFi wave, only a few individuals were able to HODL optimistically and gain exponential profit from their investments.

Bitcoin price predictions from different financial services have become relevant and started to compare Bitcoin vs Stocks. The Bitcoin Evolution has started to gain momentum in the cryptocurrency market. Although Bitcoin has other crypto contenders which you might be interested in such as Cardano vs Bitcoin or Litecoin vs Bitcoin.

There are many countries that welcome Bitcoin and Altcoins with open arms such as Canada, the US, and Australia. In the Land Down Under, many cities and businesses have already accepted Bitcoin as everyday payment. For your reference, here's the updated Bitcoin price AUD in the link if you trade crypto in Australia.

However, there is a caveat for crypto-curious individuals that if you don't understand Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is far safer to say not to invest. As there's a high-risk percentage for retail investors to lose money when they lack knowledge of what they do.

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