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                                        Best Ways to Volunteer for Charity in 2022

Best Ways to Volunteer for Charity in 2022

25 Mar 2022

The novel Coronavirus has put pressure on communities that were already disadvantaged and in need of a helping hand. If you were ever thinking about entering a volunteer job, now is the time your community needs you the most! We're celebrating International Volunteer Day, which was created to raise awareness on the important role that volunteers play in responding to challenges facing the world. The theme of this year (2022) is "Together We Can Through Volunteering"

Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy at The Top Coins includes a section dedicated to volunteering as we recognise the importance of engaging in our community. 

Volunteering is the backbone to all causes and initiatives globally and is crucial in helping those that need support. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to know how to start, where to start and even how to get involved in your chosen cause. Whether it is to send help first-hand or to apply for a volunteer coordinator job, aiding others has no limits today. 

Since the start of 2020, there are so many causes to get involved with so to make it easier, we've put together the four best ways to volunteer your time.

1. Visit a nursing home

It is heartbreaking to think about how many older people are stuck in nursing homes without relatives that will come to visit them. Residents are in desperate need of human connection, conversations and entertainment from people outside these centres. One of my favourite personal things to do is go and sing at nursing homes. 

Visit a nursing home

Elderly people miss out on experiencing the arts and entertainment, so it's priceless when people come and give them entertainment such as playing a game, performing or merely engaging in a conversation, etc.

2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen 

Food insecurity has almost doubled since the Covid-19 Pandemic putting immense pressure on food banks and soup kitchens. People are dependent more than ever on these organisations to simply eat. Different locations have different ways you can help out, but some activities might include cooking, preparing/serving food and or packing food boxes. No one should go hungry! If you aren't able to donate your time but feel passionate about feeding people, donating food is also a crucial part of the community engagement at neighbourhood houses. 

3. Australian Wildlife

The bushfires of 2020 have left Australian wildlife a shell. It's forced species into endangerment and hurt even more the animals that already were jeopardised. The opportunity to get involved is endless under this category as you can volunteer at animal shelters. You can become an emergency contact to rescue animals or even participate in reforestation to create a habitat. Check out our story of reforestation volunteering to get inspired! 

If you just want to start volunteering and don't have a particular cause in mind, it could be helpful to check out this website.

Simply put your town into the search bar and see the volunteer positions available near you!

4. Virtual Charity

Even if it is not national volunteer day, nothing can stop you from sending aid. Just because you are stuck at home does not mean you cannot volunteer. In fact, there are plenty of ways to volunteer virtually through online charity. You can either create a donation page or donate directly to websites whose causes include the funding of a better vaccine and taking care of the quarantined. 

Virtual volunteering also breaks the barrier of helping others internationally. That means you can start sending donations to African NGOs or even fund the provision of food in third world countries. It is a good way for you to stay at home and minimize the risk of coronavirus affliction while still making someone’s future better through your donation. 

Not only does your money count, but your voluntary actions prove there is no more excuse not to help others. Here are some charities that you can donate to:

War Child

War Child is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief and refuge for children directly affected by war. This includes countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. 

Global Giving

Global Giving focuses its attention to 3rd world country children that need medicine and education. It is a general nongovernmental organization that aims to independently provide schools, books, medical treatment, and recreational facilities for struggling children worldwide, including Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

CDC Foundation

The Centers for Disease & Control Foundation has been around for a long time and their need for donations is greater than ever. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and its variants in mid-2021, many children have been infected with or without the vaccine. This has been an ongoing case, especially in South East Asia. The CDC Foundation aims to provide better treatment for the needy, including a more potent antidote to combat the ongoing pandemic and its evolved versions. With your help, the CDCF may find the one cure to end the virus from spreading. The NGO is seeking more aid to volunteer for COVID vaccine projects.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is another general non-profit organization that accepts donations other than money, including canned goods and clothes. It aims to ship these relief goods to countries with struggling people, especially war-torn citizens and disaster-struck cities. It accepts international donations. Check out the link for more details.

Water Mission

Water Mission continues its fight against thirst, especially for the children in Africa. As the name implies, their goal is simple: providing clean, drinkable water for affected people. This non-profit organization has been around for a long time and its accessible donations through the link gives you the power to contribute to ending thirst.

Bottom Line

Even with the vaccine, nobody is guaranteed safe from the virus. In fact, there are quite a number of vaccinated people that still got infected. So while the best solution to stay safe is to isolate yourself at home, the power of the internet and local facilities still allow you to reach a helping hand. 

Whether it is to help out the elderly in a nursing home, soup kitchen duty, wildlife preservation or even online donations, we need to help out more than ever before. Your simple actions can mean a significant positive change for the struggling poor and the needy.

Thor Guanzon

Written by Thor Guanzon
on 25 Mar 2022


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