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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in The Peoples Reserve (TPR)

14 Oct 2020

The Peoples Reserve (TPR) is an up and coming stable cryptocurrency coin. TPR is traded at the highest price of Gold. With its value attached to Gold, it is set to become a new favourite among cryptocurrency traders. Being tethered to the ceiling market price of gold makes it stable and immune to price volatility. It does not lose value over time and remains stable in face of high inflation, even when other cryptocurrencies are fluctuating. Its touted as a “stable coin”, which is a type of cryptocurrency that is tied to an external source of money. Stable coins have some form of collateral, such as USD or in the case of TPR, Gold. So, unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, TPR may be immune to the sudden sharp changes in value.

So, why is The Peoples Reserve (TPR) such a good investment? Here are four main reason why it is worth your while to start investing in this new cryptocurrency.

1. Its Price is Linked to the Last Highest Price of Gold.

TPR’s lowest price will be equivalent to the last highest price of Gold, making it virtually crash-proof. Scarcity is a huge driver for why Gold is such a valuable asset. With a limited supply of Gold that exists in the world, every day the availability of Gold decreases as it is mined more and more. The value of gold is a kind of a numéraire for all other prices, and because TPR is linked to it, its value remains stable and consistently increasing.

2. It's Perfect for Beginners. 

Starting your crypto journey can be a daunting task. There are many factors you should consider before investing in cryptocurrencies. However, investing in TPR is perfect if you are a beginner and are unsure where to start. It's virtually risk proof and provides the stability of Gold, with the ease of buying and tracking of a cryptocurrency. Everyone needs a safety net at first so that if something does happen, you don't fall too hard. TPR is the perfect coin for that.

3.The Term "Stable Coin" Does Go Both Ways.

The reason people invest in stable coins is to avoid any of those vicious dips that regular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum suffer. This also means that you are scarifying any chance of your coin skyrocketing in value. What you do gain from TPR is reliability of it not falling in value. With the price of gold skyrocketing every year, a large probability of expected returns can be achieved. You can definitely expect your returns to be higher than your initial investment on this gold-backed stable coin.

4. You Will Get New Coins Every Year.

The Peoples Reserve Wallet will generate new coins at the rate of 12% per annum, which is perfect for long term investors. This 12% is done through compounding, which is the system that banks use to generate their profits. This means that the TPR uses the same method banks use to generate wealth to give you money. This is a fool-proof method, since you’ll always have the guarantee of an added 12% per annum to your TPR Wallet.

All investments come with risks, and TPR is no exception. However, stable coins are a great first investment choice, and TPR will provide people with a fantastic way to invest safely and dip their toe into the practice of cryptocurrency buying and selling. It's a great investment opportunity for seasoned experts or beginners, because of the safety net it provides.

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