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Why Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Why Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

27 Aug 2020

Most people in the world are afraid to invest in Cryptocurrency, even though there might be myriad of media platforms talking about it, however for the regular Joe, it is merely an interesting breakfast topic without being materially invested in it.

General consensus on the definition of cryptocurrency states that it is a digital investment tool, meant to be used as a supplement to traditional wealth and income generation alternatives such as stocks, bonds and many other financial platforms. Only 3% of the global population are trading in cryptocurrency, and albeit it might be risky to do so due to the fluctuating nature of its pricing, here are the positive factors that should prompt you to consider trading crypto:

  1. Low Barrier to entry - Contrary to many financial investment tools, you do not need to have a copious amount of capital to invest in cryptocurrency, which makes crypto more accessible to the public in contrast to its counterparts in the trading world.
  2. Very lucrative at times - Although risky, but the price fluctuation factor inherent in every cryptocurrency causing it to be risky, could also mean in some instances soaring prices and mesmerizing returns on your investment in crypto.
  3. Diversify your portfolio - Most traders in the current status of the world would still probably prefer to trade things they are more used to and considered to be safe bets like stocks and bonds. But, as any finance guru would tell you, always diversify your investment portfolio as much as you can in order to mitigate your risk factor, and that is where cryptocurrency comes in. So, Crypto trading does not have to completely supplant traditional platforms but can be a supplement instead.
  4. Lower fees and faster transactions - In comparison to other investment alternatives, cryptocurrency incurs lower fees and also provides a much faster mechanism for transactions and money transfers; meaning that you don’t have to wait a couple of business days for transaction to come through when it is from another financial institution or go through tedious banking regulations when it is a big number sent overseas.
  5. The Security - Being an undiscovered territory for regular people and even some governments, cryptocurrency has a bad reputation when it comes to security. In reality, Crypto trading has proven to be a safer option than other payment or trading platforms, as the chance of being a victim of crypto fraud or sharp practice remains slender, again contrary to popular belief.
  6. The dependability factor - Trading in cryptocurrency means that it’s your money and whether it will stay or disappear, it will depend on factors relevant to yourself and your choices. On the other hand, putting your money in the bank or any other financial institution for that regard, means that your fate or your money’s fate is tied to the bank’s; so if the bank goes bankrupt your money will most likely disappear. In addition to the dependability factor, not having to be tied to a BIG BRO institution makes cryptocurrency tools highly liquid in most times. 

Trading in crypto might be risky but considering the positive factors above will help you in making decisions in cryptocurrency trading. You can read more about cryptocurrency here. 

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