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                                            Cryptocurrency is the Future of Sports
                                                                                     Cryptocurrency is the Future of Sports

Cryptocurrency is the Future of Sports

15 Jul 2021
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If you think cryptocurrency stays in the world of financial industry, you better think twice.  Sports enthusiasts must prepare themselves to use cryptocurrency as major sports leagues continue to incorporate blockchain technology!

Can you imagine discussing sports and crypto at the same time? It is not far from reality though! It has been evident in the recent sports activities how it has made its way onto the mainstream.

UEFA 2020 Meets Blockchain Technology

In 2020, The Union of European Football Associations, more popularly known as UEFA, has officially announced its partnership with AntChain. Using this blockchain technology, the top scorer of the competition and its results would be uploaded to a ledger.

Aside from the permanent storage, the group would be awarded with an Alipay trophy. If you’re missing out on important news, Alibaba is the parent company of Alipay, which serves as one of the largest digital payment in Asia.

This major sponsorship extends its awareness among all sorts of viewers. It even attracted several cryptocurrencies companies such as Gazprom and Sorare to host other sports leagues!

Popularity of Crypto Sponsorship

What does it mean for football fans? Several fan tokens were launched, and this new technology was warmly welcomed. Fans could buy, trade, or sell these as part of the digitization of the league.

In 2020, a viral clip of fan invading the game set the internet abuzz! The woman was seen wearing a shirt highlighting, or should we say advertising, Bitcon’s rival – WTF coin. The next day, everyone, as well as the major shows, was all eyes on the video!

It says a lot about cryptocurrencies’ popularity, and how most people from different sectors are accepting blockchain technology. It is apparent that its users are growing, and more have realized that crypto is the future!

In the next few years, do not be surprised to see multiple activities involving blockchain technology! Whether it is related to betting, fan clubs, or payments related to sports, this new reality has officially kicked in the world of your favourite sports teams.

If you want to know more about these, watch this video below.

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