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                                             Paypal: Cryptocurrency's Avenue to Usability
                                                                                      Paypal: Cryptocurrency's Avenue to Usability

Paypal: Cryptocurrency's Avenue to Usability

09 Dec 2020
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PayPal is onto Cryptocurrency:

Paypal is one of the companies cashing in on cryptocurrency’s rush into mainstream economics: Come 2021, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin exchanges will be accepted on the platform

Worldwide Regulations vs. Cryptocurrency:

Just a few months ago, South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority: Brandon Topham was quoted on Business Insider South Africa:

“In my opinion, anything to do with a cryptocurrency is highly suspicious and nobody should be invested in any form of cryptocurrency and or any of the products that go with it.”

This mirrors the attitude of a lot of governments regarding cryptocurrency. However, the technology’s out of the bag.

Paypal - Making Cryptocurrency Accessible:

One of the biggest challenges that cryptocurrency has always faced is usability. 

Cryptocurrency carries a notorious (yet ultimately, outdated and wildly inaccurate) reputation as the currency of choice for various unsavoury elements and activities. The fact that it’s borderline undecipherable to people who are not well-versed with the intricacies of the technology involved doesn’t help.

The usability of cryptocurrency will skyrocket as PayPal boasts over 300 million users. Not only has PayPal jumped on board with the cryptocurrency movement, the financial giant: VISA has added to the ease and accessibility factor of alternative currencies through their new Coinbase Debit Card.

The price of cryptocurrencies rose as the Paypal’s news broke - a fitting welcome to a new age of cryptocurrency.

The Next Step - Stablecoin:

While getting cryptocurrency to the public is a huge step towards full ubiquity, the next logical step is to include stablecoin into the fold. Stablecoins don’t need monitoring, as it is tied to the price of a stable, unflinching asset (e.g, precious/industrial metals, fiat money, collateral cryptocurrency). In terms of accessibility, stablecoins are very easy to understand, especially for beginners who aren’t used to the volatility of altcoins.

Here at The Top Coins, we believe that stablecoins are the next step for cryptocurrency. An example is The People's Reserve, a stablecoin that seeks to overhaul the foundations of our current economy.

Here at The Top Coins, we believe that stablecoins are the next step for cryptocurrency. Check out: The People’s Reserve. 

What makes it the most stable coin in the world?

  • The coin value is coded to the last highest price of gold

  • Unlike fiat money, the coin revolves around a definitive consensus (learn how our current money does NOT have consensus)

  • The People's Reserve wallet is a digital mining facility that manufactures coins

  • The rate is calculated daily -- it is compounding at a rate of 12% per annum given to the coin holder, (i.e YOU), not the bank

  • It has a self-actualizing FIAT-backed (USD) reserve pool (learn here why this is a profound crypto-innovation)

  • It has a two-second transaction speed

  • Privacy is a built-in feature: it guarantees top transaction privacy (unlike most coins, where anyone can see all of your transactions)

  • It has a separate reserve tool to use for special activities (such as grants to businesses)

  • As of December 2020, we have well over 200 reliable buyers (growing daily) which are ready to use the coin as currency

Finally, the TPR Wallet is available for both Android & iPhone. The 12% per annum is mined digitally right on your phone. You can see the total value of the coins you are holding in your own chosen currency.

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