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The People's Reserve


The Peoples Reserve is a new Stablecoin Built…

    For The People It is a Digital currency that is coded to the last highest price of gold. The wallet delivers a digital mining reward, of free coins, at 12% per annum compounding.

    The coin features two value stabilisation features…
    1) A non-collateralised algorithm, based on the Quantity Theory of money.

    2) A self-fulfilling, fiat-backed reserve pool.

    3) There is soon to be - hundreds of businesses accepting the coin for payment valued at the last highest price of gold to add consensus and further backing to the coin.

    Additional Features, coming to the coin include…

    - Transaction Privacy.

    - A Reserve Pool where a percentage of coin sales will support worthy causes.

The TPR Wallet is available for both Android & iPhone.
Your 12% per annum, compounding happens right on your phone.

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