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The People's Reserve


All The Features of The Peoples Reserve...

  1. CODED TO - The Last Highest Price of Gold. = The Value of the coin is over $1900 & can NOT Drop in Value. The Value can ONLY Rise.
    *Calculated Daily.
  2. The People's Reserve Wallet - Automatically Manufactures new coins for you at a rate of 12% per annum.
  3. The 12% per annum is calculated daily - which means it is compounding.
    *Compounding is what the banks use to get wealthy and TPR gives this vehicle back to us... the people.
  4. CODED (hard-wired into the coin)...
    • A Non-Collateralised Algorithm based on... "The Quantity Theory of Money"
      • - The Quantity Theory of Money is an equation used in Economics to help stabilise the value of currency.
    *This is part one of how TPR holds its value at The Last Highest Price of Gold.
  5. A Self-Actualising, USD, Fiat-Backed Reserve Pool. Self-Actualising meaning - the USD, fiat reserves are automatically withdrawn from TPR sales. Doing so adds extra speed to the non-collateralised algorithm. It also means the non-collateralised algorithm - doesn't have to work as hard. A profound crypto-innovation not seen in any other coin, much less a Stablecoin.
  6. Along with the the self-actualising, USD, Fiat reserve pool there are - TWO OTHER - stabilising features which shall forever remain proprietary.
  7. Speed of transaction = 2 seconds.
  8. Hundreds - of High-Quality Merchants already available to use your coins as currency.
    • *Hundreds will become thousands as we have trained a team of 8 to support a large marketing campaign that will start in less than 30 days.

Two Features To Be ADDED Soon After First Release...

  1. Transaction Privacy
    • *For Most Coins - Anyone Can take your wallet address enter it into the block explorer, search field for any coin - and immediately see all of your transactions.
    • *Adding - Transaction Privacy - requires a large amount of coding. It is a large and complex coding job thus available after the first release.
  2. Separate Reserve Pool - To Use For...
    • - Socially Responsible Contributions.
    • - Grants to businesses in impoverished nations to help build a world-wise thriving economy.
The TPR Wallet is available for both Android & iPhone.
Your 12% per annum, compounding happens right on your phone.
Buy at The 50% off Early Release Price

Special Offer For Those Interested in Bitcoin.

The Peoples Reserve is CODED To The Last Highest Price of Gold.
It does NOT go down in value. It Can ONLY Rise in Value.
...When Gold Hits a NEW HIGH Price. (which it is often now)

How Is This Possible?
With Digital Currency (including Bitcoin) - We Are Given The Opportunity To CODE RULES & Parameters.
Just as Bitcoin is CODED to have the supply of Bitcoin cut in half (the halving it's called) The Peoples Reserve is CODED so that the value can ONLY move when there is a new high price in Gold.

The Peoples Reserve has it's own unique wallet and that wallet manufactures (digital cloud mining) new coins for you at a rate of 12% per year.
That 12% per year is calculated daily so acts like compounding interest for you.

The banks get wealthy by charging us COMPOUNDING Interest. Not Just 'interest' but COMPOUNDING Interest.
COMPOUNDING - is the greatest wealth creation vehicle available to us.
And for the first time ever...

You can receive 12% Compounding on a coin that is CODED to the last highest price of Gold.
As someone Interested in Bitcoin and crypto Currency and as a visitor to our new site we want to help you experience...

STABILITY (Versus Crypto Volatility)
You can purchase as much as $5000 worth of The Peoples Reserve at 50% off (just $2500) - so a savings of $2500 to you.
We simply can NOT make this offer for an extended period of time. It can NOT last long and once again...
Is available to you exclusively as a new visitor to The Top Coins.

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