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Best Time to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Best Time to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

06 Nov 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Deciding when to invest in anything is always something you should be thinking about and researching. The timing of your investment could be a deciding factor in whether you make a profit or not.

Cryptocurrency trading and buying is all about timing. Many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be quite volatile and may fluctuate rapidly. So, if you invest in Bitcoin on a downward trend, it may not spike again for some time.  Because of this, many cryptocurrency investors have a particular time when they buy and sell their coins.

Currently, this year 2020 is arguably the best time to invest in crypto. It is not only becoming easier to do, but a report from the Crypto Research Report (CRR) predicts that by 2030, Bitcoin will be worth close to $400,000 USD per Bitcoin. Many people wish they had the foresight back in the early 2000s.  They should have invested in Bitcoin when it was worth $0,08 and sell in 2017 when it spiked to $20,000. This recent report gives them that foresight for an extremely high return on their initial investment.

During this current pandemic, many people are turning to crypto as a way of making money from home. This is actually great for the crypto community. As with more people coming around to this new investment opportunity, the overall value of the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and TPR will rise.

Investing in cryptocurrency now is an excellent decision for anyone looking to make money with long term investments. It is not only Bitcoin that will increase in value in the next ten years. All major cryptocurrencies are set to dramatically increase in value as the cryptocurrency market gets more popular. This will also push more people to invest in it.

Now, what makes this year different than last?

Currently, people are out of work. Due to COVID, people are now looking for a new way to make money from the safety of their home, and while stocks were once the preferred option. It can be challenging to get into as the top stock market investors do not tend to share their secrets. However, cryptocurrency investors are much more inclined to help those who are new to the art of buying and selling cryptocurrency. Many of the top investors have various videos and blogs that walk people through the processes of crypto. They also answer all the hard questions that some beginners have.

2020 has been a great year for crypto. Not only have more people started to get interested in crypto, but also we just had the Bitcoin halving event which takes place every 4 years. This means the price of Bitcoin did go up this year. The next halving event will be in 2024 where the price is predicted to go up again. So, investing in Bitcoin now is something the experts are recommending.

Interesting information

  • The Bitcoin halving event makes it harder for miners to get Bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin is sitting around $15,000 USD at the time of writing.
  • Stock values are linked to outside factors while cryptocurrencies are reliant on themselves.
  • Cryptocurrency is easier than ever to get into with so many resources available to beginners.

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