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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Everyone Should Know

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Everyone Should Know

20 Nov 2020

Reading Time: 2-3 minutes

There are tons of cryptocurrencies in the world now. Thanks to the open-source nature of it. This makes it hard to tell which cryptocurrency you should be focusing on.

To help you out, here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies everyone should know and keep an eye on.

1. Bitcoin

This is the coin that even people who aren't familiar with cryptocurrency will recognize because of its shot fame in late 2017. Bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency. It is dominating with an impressive 79% market share. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and released it in 2009. Its price is currently $16,703 AUD

2. Litecoin

Litecoin was developed by Charlie Lee, who is a former Google employee and wanted to create a coin similar to Bitcoin but a lighter version. Litecoin shares similarities to Bitcoin but differs in some important areas such as its coin limit which is 84 million compared to Bitcoins 21 million. Litecoin’s price is $68 AUD

3. The Peoples Reserve

TPR is a stablecoin which has its price locked to the last highest price of Gold, which means it will never drop in value. It is a great investment choice for those looking to get into cryptocurrency but are cautions of sudden drops.

4. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a joke cryptocurrency developed by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Even though it is joke currency, it has done some incredible things such as raise money for a water well in Kenya. Dogecoins price is $0.003675 AUD

5. Ethereum 

Ethereum is a heavyweight in the crypto industry and is thought to be the 2nd best crypto behind Bitcoin. Ethereum is also a development software that tech giants like Microsoft use. It's backed by some big companies which keeps its value high. Ethereum’s price is $537 AUD

6. Bank Coin Reserve

Bank Coin Reserve has its price pegged to the ceiling price of Gold. It is becoming extremely popular among investors as the price is consistently high due to the stable nature of the coin. Bank Coin Reserve price is $2,708 AUD

7. Bitcoin Cash

This is a fork of the original Bitcoin and is an upgraded version that allows miners to process transactions much faster which generates them more coins. Bitcoin Cash’s price is $352 AUD

8. Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic splitted from Ethereum after a hack that lost them 50 million dollars worth of coins. They have kept to their original business plan, while Ethereum went on a different course. Ethereum Classic’s price is $7.41 AUD

9. Ripple

Ripple was once a very talked-about cryptocurrency, but recently it has been pushed to the side and is now worth less than $1. However, it's still an important cryptocurrency that everyone should be aware of. Ripple’s price is $0.35261 AUD

10. Maker

Maker is the best stablecoin on the market right now and has its price tethered to Dai, which has its value linked to the American dollar. If Dai coin goes down, Maker will step in and pay for the loss which will make Makers price drop. Recently, it has been doing extremely well. Thanks to the strength of Dai. Makers price is $813 AUD.

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