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                                        What Can You Buy With Litecoin

What Can You Buy With Litecoin

16 Jul 2021

With the saturated crypto market these days, what can you buy with Litecoin? This is the typical list of things you can purchase with your Litecoin:

•    Gold

•    Silver

•    Ripple

•    RE/MAX

•    Pet stuff

•    Tea

•    Coffee

•    Clothing stuff

•    Photography 

•    Airplane tickets

•    Electronic Gift Cards

Before we go deeper into the topic, let us review for a while on what is Litecoin currency? Litecoin is another form of cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that emerged in 2011. It was founded by a former Google employee named Charlie Lee; two years after Bitcoin disrupted the finance market. 

What Can You Buy With Litecoin

There are many ways of what you can buy with Litecoin aside from different transactions online with other cryptocurrencies. You can also pay with Litecoin for these types of products and services as well. 

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee lovers will not be left out of the current trend. Brands like Tealet, a well-known tea producer, are already accepting Litecoin, plus you can contribute to supporting tea farmers and the Litecoin Foundation. There’s also a bonus of 30% off when you purchase the Litecoin Tea Box and a contribution from the sales to the Litecoin Development Project. 

Airplane Tickets and Vacation

You can now enjoy traveling with hundreds of international destinations to choose from as both Alternative Airlines and CheapAir are now accepting Litecoin. On the other hand, BTCTrip also accepts payments for hotel stays and international flights, which can cover your dream vacation. 

Clothing and Photography

You will have to embrace the change, as Clothing Whale, a clothing brand, is now accepting LTC. You can also get services for occasions like weddings, graduation photos, and other celebrations, as brands like Common Spark Media are also accepting crypto payments.

You Can Buy Gold with Litecoin

Yes, you read it right. Buying gold with Litecoin is a common practice nowadays. Many investors buy gold to protect their wealth from expected yearly inflation better. Since every year, we experience a fluctuation of inflation in our economy, usually on fiat currency or government-controlled money. 

Therefore, buying gold with Litecoin can be beneficial to the volatility of the crypto-based currency. If you do your research comparing gold vs. crypto, it can be safe to say that gold is less volatile than crypto-based currency. It will be a logical advantage to help protect your wealth with this kind of transaction.

You Can Buy Other Coins With Litecoin

Aside from other stuff that can be bought through litecoin, can I buy Ripple (XRP) with Litecoin? And, yes, one of the popular coins you can buy is Ripple. Among the blockchain platforms available today, most of them are commonly popular for their decentralized nature, and no central authority is in command. However, Ripple is different from its XRP network that has a centralized system. 

You Can Buy Other Coins With Litecoin

Okay, Ripple is different, and it has some perks that other cryptocurrencies don’t possess, but there’s a question on how to buy ripple with litecoin? The process is quite simple if you follow these steps: 

•    You will need to open a Coinbase Exchange account (be sure to be verified)    

o    Buy a Litecoin

•    Here’s a second option to open a Binance Exchange account (no need to be verified)

o    Buy a Litecoin (you can buy more coins using these steps)

•    You need to Deposit your LTC to your Binance LTC wallet

•    You can Sell your LTC for ETH

•    You can now Buy XRP with ETH

•    Move XRP off the Exchange and into a Ledger Nano S

For more details, you can watch the video on how to buy Ripple with litecoin.

How to Pay with Litecoin

Now that you already know where to spend Litecoin, let us now discuss LTC’s primary business partners and how it will help you pay with litecoin. When dealing with virtual finances aside from Bitcoin, there are already known money transfers that help shape the global economy. 

How to Pay with Litecoin

One of these giants is Paypal, the brainchild co-creation of Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, that disrupted the finance industry. No wonder why we cannot deny the strong influence of Musk when it comes to cryptocurrency. And, before we deviate to the main topic, Paypal just recently announced its acceptance of Litecoin. This move is a game-changer; this means you can now easily buy and sell goods and services.

Aside from Paypal, here is the list of other well-known business partners that are now accepting transactions with Litecoin: 

•    UFC 

•    The Miami Dolphins 

•    WEG Bank AG 

•    Mimblewimble 

•    NordVPN 

•    Travala 

•    Re/Max London 

•    Glory Kickboxing 

•    Ternio Blockcard VISA 

•    eGifter 

•    BlockFi 

•    MeconCash 

•    San Diego International Film Festival 

•    SafePal 

•    Ellipal 

•    Aliant 

•    Wirex 

•    TravelByBit

•    Oppenheim Law 

•    Cred

Official Business Partners of Litecoin

Among many business partners where you can use Litecoin transactions, there are few official Litecoin Business Partners, according to Litecoin Foundations. – is a listing website that can book you around 567,928 hotels worldwide in 210 countries that cover around 82,311 destinations.  - is a travel listing website that books flights and hotels using Cryptocurrencies. – you can contact for a free luxury hotel quote using code LITE.

Aliant Payments – is an Accredited Litecoin payment processor of USA domestic partner processing for Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. It can convert to USD with 48-hour payments compliant with all federal regulations. 

Coingate – is another accredited Litecoin payment partner. It also accepts LTC online payments and converts them to USD or EUR. 

BlockFi – is another blockchain technology service that provides wealth management for crypto-investors.

Is it Worth investing with Litecoin?

Every blockchain technology provides advantages and disadvantages over the others. Litecoin was made possible by copying the core systems that made Bitcoin successful. Litecoin’s author has managed to enhance Litecoin’s Scrypt security ahead of Bitcoin’s SHA-256 security algorithm. It also means that it can process a block far faster than Bitcoin.

As a metaphor, if Bitcoin is the gold standard of cryptocurrency, Litecoin, on the other hand, is silver. It’s no wonder why Litecoin is one of the top 5 among its crypto rivals. Litecoin’s price prediction for the year 2020 to 2024 is by far promising for you to invest.

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