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Can You Do it? 1 Week Water Conservation Challenge

Can You Do it? 1 Week Water Conservation Challenge

01 Nov 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I dare you! Take on this one week. Let's do a water conservation challenge with The Top Coins Team. In celebration of National Water Week (19-25th October), we decided to get involved by challenging ourselves to save as much water as possible. This year, the National Water Week theme is "Reimagining our Water Future". How can we take responsibility for our current water use practices and implement more efficient alternatives? How can we play our part to ensure a safe, sustainable future? Challenges are fun and effective ways to spread awareness of the importance of water conservation. It also inspires others to take part and to become conscious of our water consumption. Join in! I bet you'll be surprised at how much water you actually use when you actively have to reduce your consumption.

What is water conservation?

Water conservation is the act of using our water supply consciously and responsibly. It means being wise about your water consumption and not contributing to unnecessary wastage.

Why do we need to conserve water?

Saving water is a common theme that the environmental community talks about. However, very few people understand why it’s crucial. Clean drinking water is a limited vital resource—one which like any living thing, humans need to survive. Not enough thought is put into our water supply. Most people think we have infinite water available to use. Water is all around us whether that be in our own homes, in the ocean and or falling out of the sky. The Earth itself is made up of over 70% water, so it’s safe to assume we’ll always have enough water? Wrong! 97.5% of the earth water is undrinkable saltwater. And, a massive proportion of our freshwater is now polluted and toxic. That's because of harmful chemicals, plastic pollution, factory runoff and our modern lifestyle. With our population on the rise, we need to conserve water like never before for the existence of the future generation. It’s not all just for the future, though. Water conservation will save you money too! Money from your water bills and your electricity bills. Water consumption is linked to your electricity as you need the power to heat, pump and filter your water. When you save water, you double your positive impact as you’re also lowering your carbon footprint by using less energy.


  1. Minimize showers to 5 mins a day

  2. Only use the washing machine for full loads

  3. Wash dishes with a full sink instead of running water 

  4. Turn the tap off when brushing teeth 

  5. Fix drips if found

  6. Save used water in a bucket and use it water your garden

A lot of these challenges can be and should be implemented on a day-to-day basis. Awareness is the key! Think about how much water you use when you wash your veggies, water your garden, wash your car etc. We need to be conscious about our water usage and being mindful is the first step! Many of us may think we’re being water conscious but we actually aren’t aware of how much water we consume when we aren’t purposefully trying to lessen it. Saving water is crucial for the environment, humans and your wallet.  So join The Top Coins in our National Water Week challenge and spread the message! Together we can re-imagine the way we use our precious water recourse and insure a more sustainable world.

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