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The Top Coins Team Helps with Reforestation

The Top Coins Team Helps with Reforestation

16 Sep 2020

In the scenic hinterland behind world famous Byron Bay remains cleared paddocks which were once a thriving subtropical wilderness. To the public eye, the drive through Ewingsdale is beautiful, covered in rolling hills and trees along the roadside. But beyond the preserved couple of trees for show, there are huge paddocks from old dairy farms cleared 150 years ago. This clearing and cattle farming has caused mass erosion, both extinction and endangering of native species, poor water quality and property segregation. 

The Top Coins team collaborated with Eco Recharge to help with the reforestation of degraded property as the first of many socially responsible activities. Our group went out to the land in Ewingsdale where Ben Jennings and his team have already planted over 150,000 specific plants. Working hard to create more biodiversity, locking up carbon and replenishing the natural habitat. There is an increasing momentum in the movement of tree planting and is known as the single most effective and economical solution to environmental problems. Tress play such an essential role in our air quality, water quality, ecosystems, mental health in urban settings, and forests provide 1.6 billion jobs. 

On September 9th 2020 our team got grubby helping dig holes, mulch, plant and weed from the replenished creeks. It was so incredible to see the power of a group effort, hands dirty with the hope to help future generations of both humans and Australia’s native species. On Wednesday we were specifically planting for the Pezoporus wallicus Psittacidae (Eastern Ground Parrot) which are endangered due to the deforestation for dairy farming. I learnt that when it comes to regeneration there’s so much that happens behind the scenes to successfully repair an ecosystem. The plants weren’t just any plants, in fact the definition of a weed is “a plant growing where it is not wanted”. We often plant trees with great intentions but without proper education it can cause more harm than good. Some of the plants we planted were Kangaroo Grass, Sweet Wattle, Crinkle bush just to name a few. 

These were specifically grown in a nursery to accomodate the land and recreate the natural habitat for native species. 

Creating wildlife corridors is also a crucial part of the planting creating protection and aiding travel for Australian mammals. According to Ben, four in a half years ago when they first started the bush regeneration of the site there were only 10-15 species of birds present. After 1 year of planting that number had already doubled and today there’s over 80 species of birds alone. Birds are even migrating from the Northern Territory thanks to Eco Recharge bringing back paperbark forests, eucalyptus trees, rainforests and wet lands; all local to the land. Other animals like wallabies, frogs, snakes, kangaroos are all thriving too. 

It was incredibly inspiring for us to see how much impact a days work can have on the environment having planted over 400 plants ourselves. To know that one day we can go back there and see the baby plants we handled so delicately as big tress and scrubs thriving and supporting biodiversity. 

Our team from The Top Coins wish to extend our gratitude to Ben & Eco Recharge for the opportunity to be involved in this sustainability project and look forward to more socially responsible initiatives in the future. 

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