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                                             10 Easy Ways You Can Participate in Australian Wildlife Week
                                                                                      10 Easy Ways You Can Participate in Australian Wildlife Week

10 Easy Ways You Can Participate in Australian Wildlife Week

29 Nov 2020

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In Australia, every year in October we celebrate the relationship between humanity and nature to honour the Australian wildlife and our feathered, furry, and scaly friends–especially those who are on the verge of extinction.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can overlook the other occupants in our shared habitat. The wild life Australia is rich and diverse but relies heavily on our ecosystem, which is slowly degrading due to human activity. The Australian wildlife conservancy dedicates its time and efforts to develop projects that protect and conserve native species. 

But during the Australian Wildlife Week, we should take a moment to really stop and reflect on how valuable our ecosystem is for animals and humans alike–and perhaps make small efforts to help address the larger problem. 

Below are my top 10 tips on how you can consciously make an impact for the betterment of our Wildlife.

1. Donate

When it comes to huge matters like this, we need to support the experts who are really making a difference. Donating to an Australian wildlife conservancy is promoted everywhere because it’s truly important to fund professionals who know what they’re doing and are already making a positive change. 

2. Make your Voice Heard

The Australian government is going over the environmental protection laws right now–an event that only happens once every decade! We need better laws in place that will actually protect the western Australian wildlife and more. Advocating for the conservation of animals in Australia is a great way for ordinary citizens to be heard. 

3. Plant Native Trees and Flowers

You can plant in your backyard or get involved with a local bush regeneration group. Trees release oxygen, which humans and animals need to live. You may find that it’s easier to breathe in places with many trees due to the higher concentration of oxygen. 

4. Adopt an Animal

Consider adopting Australian animals as opposed to purchasing from a breeder. An abandoned furry or feathered friend will always appreciate a new home and is ready to love you all the same. Visit this link for animal adoption purposes. 

5. Eat less Animal Products 

While I respect that everyone has a choice, going meat-free even one day a week helps support our connection to nature. Additionally, cutting off meat for one day each week will save the earth billions in resources each year.

Australian Wildlife Week

6. Drive Carefully

Roadkill is all too common on our country roads. If you accidentally hit a kangaroo, please do check for joeys. If you find any, contact an Australian wildlife conservancy–they may be able to help. Doing so can save a life!

7. Take 3 for the Sea

A huge killer of marine life is pollution. Every time you go to a natural water bed–whether that be the ocean, a lake, or a waterfall–pick up 3 pieces of rubbish and put them in the bin. If everyone contributed to small efforts like this, the world’s waters would be much cleaner, and less rubbish would hurt the marine life and environment! 

8. Use less Plastic - Especially Straws

Straws and other plastics contribute to more death and injury of marine life than we tend to acknowledge. Go straw-free or use a reusable one whenever possible.

9. Reduce your food waste

Shop local, compost your leftovers and help stop food from creating toxic chemicals in landfills.

10. Volunteer

You can volunteer to become a Wildlife Rescuer or Caretaker in an Australian wildlife conservancy. Community beach clean-ups and bush regeneration efforts are also common–you may find some accepting volunteers on social media. Here’s a link on how to be involved in Wildlife Rescue.

Whether you can do one or all 10, from all of us at The Top Coins–we thank you for choosing to be part of the solution!

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