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Best Cryptocurrency Charting Platforms

14 Oct 2020

Charting platforms can be extremely useful to you whether you are a beginner or a crypto expert. If you are a beginner, charting tools can assist you in developing your strategies on technical trading. If you have already dipped your feet into trading, it can be a great resource to further your trading skills. Also, give yourself the best trading cryptocurrency using an exchange. Charting platforms are an essential resource as you can analyze and find trade opportunities there using live charts. A great cryptocurrency charting platform needs to have good features sets. It should also have an exchange integration and easy navigation, as well as have a breadth of resources and tools.

Based on these criteria, we have listed the Top three cryptocurrency charting platforms as of today:

1. Tradingview: 

Tradingview is undoubtedly the most popular charting platform today. Established in 2012, it is one of the oldest charting websites and has a large community of active traders. Its social networking is perhaps its best aspect – the community is a hub of cryptocurrency information, trading ideas and strategies. It aggregates crypto prices from various exchanges, so you won’t have to login to different exchanges to analyze prices.

Tradingview has a great environment to really learn insider crypto knowledge as well as acquire technical analysis. The Pine editor is also one of the defining features of trading view. It gives you the ability to create your own indicators. A lively community of crypto enthusiasts and a vast breadth of information from various exchanges makes Tradingview the best and most reliable charting platform for any level of cryptocurrency trader or user.

2. Coinigy:

Cionigy is another great cryptocurrency charting website. It’s an all in one trading platform and greatly simplifies the process of analyzing, tracking ad trading coins. Founded in 2014, it has quickly become a favorite for experts and beginners alike due its range of services.

On top of the charting capacity, Coinigy can also be used as trading platform. With Coinigy, you can link accounts and wallets and manage them from a single location. You have access to over 40 digital currency exchanges and thousands of cryptocurrencies and pairs. The charting aspect of the platform is constructed on top of the TradingView platform, in addition to having custom data feeds which integrate with around 45 more cryptocurrency exchanges.

The best aspects of Coinigy are its comprehensive charting, price alerts, app integration, and the ability to trade from exchange accounts linked via API. In addition, the biggest advantage of Coinigy is that you can directly trade through it if you have an account at any of its +45 supported exchanges. Another advantage of Coinigy is that it allows you to place stop loss and take profit orders, which are absent from many exchanges.

3. Cryptowatch:

Launched in 2014, Cryptowatch is another charting platform to keep an eye out for. It is now under the ownership of Kraken and is a comprehensive charting tool with means to gain access to live streamed volume and price, and view order book data from around 800 exchanges. That’s an incredible amount of data you can get from one website.

On top of that, Cryptowatch is simple to use, though first-time users may be intimidated by the complex looking charts. Once you get the hang of it, however, Cryptowatch can be a powerful weapon for your arsenal. The best feature of this charting platform is that it lets you screen and study more than 500 assets on all the major exchanges. Users can even generate custom views for the assets and exchanges, and make use of the multiple technical indicator overlays. The chart application platform also gives a nice touch, with a community of crypto enthusiasts you can share information with. Overall, this is a great platform for traders, given the breadth of its exchanges and clean layout.

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