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                                        Win Crypto at the Casino (legally)

Win Crypto at the Casino (legally)

19 Nov 2021

Gambling in any form  such as horse racing, table games, poker machines and betting on sporting outcomes, is a favourite pastime for some. But a favourite amongst regulars is the poker machine or “pokies.”

If you frequent any pub, club, or bar, the chances are that they have a built-in gaming room filled with beloved pokies – usually by the smoking areas. The familiar sound of cards shuffling and slots rolling may have gotten you excited in the past. But with the recent closures due to COVID-19, offline gambling won’t be an option any time soon. 

As a result, online casino Bitcoin (and other variations of the digital gambling experience) have risen in popularity. They offer the same experience as offline gaming rooms in your favourite casinos – except they’re completely online. A common concern with online gambling is the possibility of fraud. But there’s a simple solution to that issue – how about using cryptocurrency instead?

Online casinos and cryptocurrency go together like vegemite on toast as they both complement each other. Cryptocurrency gambling has become extremely popular due to the latest saga in the Bitcoin evolution – specifically the astronomic rise in the Bitcoin price . Early investors now have a ton of extra pocket money, which means that they can blow a bit more on a couple of games. 

Benefits of Crypto Gambling

Benefits of Crypto Gambling

Some people may not know that the world of gambling has recently gone digital. But, this isn't just some change to make things easier for gamblers. This is a major development in the field of gambling that has both positive and negative impacts on gamblers.

Here are some benefits of crypto gambling:


Bitcoin can't be frozen due to the absence of a central regulatory authority in Bitcoin. You own your gambling tokens and control transactions, so no one will take it away from you or freeze your account.

Low Transaction Fees

Decentralized networks are a way of cutting out all the middlemen that take their cut from transactions. As such, there will be lower transaction fees when using this system. However, it might cost you some coins to convert into fiat currency or to process faster transactions with higher commissions.

It is not Inflationary

With a finite number of Bitcoins and predictable growth, it is nearly impossible for Bitcoin to be weakened through inflation. There will only exist 21 million coins, so its value has been growing steadily since its inception. This predictability makes Bitcoin a more attractive option for investors than other less predictable assets such as gold or stocks.

Secure and Private

With Bitcoin, your payment information can never disappear. There are no chargebacks, and the transaction is irreversible once sent because it's recorded in a public ledger called blockchain, which makes for fewer risks with merchants.

Unlike credit cards, Bitcoin does not attach any personal information, making it difficult for hackers or government agencies to access your account info. But this also means there's no way to track transactions back. Thus, if you lost money on bitcoin, you lost them permanently.

Why do BTC Betting Sites love Cryptos?  

Why do BTC Betting Sites love Cryptos  

More and more people are looking to get into crypto for a number of reasons. One of the most popular is because it could be profitable in the future, but another reason may be that some betting sites love cryptos.  With Bitcoin becoming increasingly popular with online gambling sites and other forms of gambling, many bettors seem to like using Bitcoin to make their wagers due to its anonymity and quick transactions. It's simple economics.  A betting site will need to find an exchange for their profits and payouts, so the more exchanges exist, the better - more turnover equals less of a spread which equates potentially to greater profit.

Likewise, Bitcoin betting sites love cryptocurrency for a few reasons, such as: 

  • It’s impossible to duplicate cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are almost instant.
  • The threat of identity theft is all but gone.

So if you’re a regular gambler and want to get back into the pokies groove, but are concerned about COVID-19 and online casino safety, consider giving Bitcoin gambling sites a try. They accept BTC and other popular altcoins, such as Ethereum. The best Bitcoin gambling site owns the appropriate operational licenses and has a track record for transparency and integrity – extremely important elements in the crypto gambling industry. 

If you want to go for Bitcoin gambling, here are some popular Bitcoin casinos:

As of September 2021, BitStarz is the most popular Bitcoin casino in the market. BitStarz isn't your average online casino. For one thing, it has an impressive selection of games that can be sorted in multiple ways and even have their search function tailored for you. 

The graphics on this site are also well done with bright colours that really make everything pop off the page. BitStarz offers a clean and easy-to-use interface that will have you playing your favourite games in no time. In terms of reputation and fairness, 7Bit is the one you should check out. 7Bit offers a wide range of games from top-notch providers and has a reputation in this industry. It places emphasis on responsible gambling through multiple features on its website like provably fair systems, which verifies whether or not their random generation system is legitimate, allowing players to confirm if they're playing fair with you.

Lastly, Stake is one popular crypto casino that gives out generous amounts of the giveaway. The Stake weekly giveaway gives out a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000 every Saturday to players. This number changes depending on the total amount donated by all participants in that week's draw and can range anywhere between 50k-150K bitcoin. Crypto gambling has seen a huge increase in the US, with 536% growth. In comparison to other countries around the world, such as India's 400%, Britain's 600%, and Canada's 748%. Germany is leading at 1021%.

1. Win Crypto at the Mbit Casino

Mbit Casino is one of the most trusted Bitcoin gambling sites amongst Australians. They accept a range of cryptocurrencies on top of traditional bank transfers. They also run various promotions where you can get a chance to win cryptocurrency to complement your existing portfolio. And of course, as a crypto casino, they offer a range of games to keep you engaged regardless of your mood. If you bet with Bitcoin and other cryptos, you can withdraw your winnings within 10 minutes. 

 2. Win Crypto at the Mars Casino

Mars Casino is another reputable online Bitcoin casino that many Australians use. Its sleek UI, fast withdrawal speed, and cryptocurrency support make it an all-around choice for a modern Bitcoin betting experience. They’re one of the few BTC gambling sites that accept a wide range of crypto, from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Coin , Ethereum Currency , Dogecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

3. Win Crypto at the 7 Bit Casino

7 Bit Casino is one of the most open online Bitcoin casinos that accept most major currencies, including Bitcoin and  Bitcoin Cash. They also offer a wealth of sign-up bonuses, such as a tempting 200 free spins for all new players. If your fingers have been itching to play the wheel of fortune and other crypto games, then consider giving this site a try. 

Online casinos, especially Bitcoin betting sites, have saved many people’s hobbies amid COVID-19 closures. They offer not only security but also an alternative way by which you can directly send your coins. It’s a safer option compared to traditional banking methods, which can’t give you any guarantees. 

While the above list of the best Bitcoin gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency may be tempting to join – especially as you can now play from the comfort of your home – please remember to do so responsibly, and only if you’re 18 years or older. If you or anyone you know have become addicted, please seek help by calling the Australian Gambling Hotline at 1800 858 858.

Cryptocurrency Gambling Types

The allure of gambling is the high-risk, high-reward surge – the feeling of trying to outwit the odds to profit from a win. You make big bets in hopes of increasing their value tenfold, purely relying on instinct and the wheels of fate. From poker machines to table games and backing up the right sports team, excitement and disappointment are all part of the gambling package. Of course, all things in moderation, and ultimately, some people simply choose to gamble as a hobby or to blow off steam after a hard week at work. 

Previously, we outlined the best online casinos open to cryptocurrency gambling – where you can do a quick Bitcoin gamble if you prefer to use coins over cash, especially as the Bitcoin price surges to all-time highs. But those mostly cover slots and cards and other tabletop games. If you prefer gambling cryptocurrency on horse racing, there are certainly options available to you – 24/7 and accessible regardless of your work schedule. However, do keep in mind that cryptocurrency gambling 

Win Crypto on Horse Racing

Absolutely – and there are more than you think! BetOnline Racing is the perfect example of a cryptocurrency casino where Bitcoin gambling fans can take a jab at betting on their favourite horses. 

BetOnline Racing has been around for over a decade and is a fully-licensed casino and one of the oldest Bitcoin gambling sites online. They offer punters (gamblers) the option to bet on horse races, but not with your ordinary casino coins. Instead, their gaming coin can be purchased with various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum,  Dash currency and Litecoin currency .  

Apart from horse racing, BetOnline Racing also offers a plethora of other options for crypto betting enthusiasts. Whether you fancy poker, blackjack, roulette or video poker, you’ll likely find it on the platform. While they accept a range of coins for crypto gambling, Bitcoin is their preferred option as it’s easy, fast, and safe. And despite being cryptocurrency-friendly, BetOnline Racing won’t say no to bank transfers and credit cards, which are universally accepted regardless of which game you want to play. 

Online casinos and cryptocurrency gaming apps are safe havens for Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts, as you can bet in peace without being judged. It’s also a place where you can continue gambling despite the offline casino closures due to COVID-19. should be done in moderation. 

Why Crypto Gambling is So Popular?

The idea of Bitcoin as an investment attracts many people, and online casinos are no exception. The goal is to attract more users who want in on this "hot" trend while providing incentives.

Bitcoin Casinos have no such limitations! With an easy interface for mobile devices or desktop computers alike, you can bet at any time of day while still being taxed by low fees that won't hold back your transactions like they would with some more traditional gaming options out there today.

Cryptocurrency: A Gamble Itself?

To a certain degree, cryptocurrency itself is a huge gamble. But people who have made ample research understand that coins can be a lucrative investment option – and not just a short-term Bitcoin gambling stint that relies on quick returns. Likewise, any investment is a gamble – especially if emotions are involved – as there are no guarantees, even in the traditional market. 

  • The Impact of Crypto On the Gambling Industry    

Cryptocurrencies have offered a unique selling point for many online casinos, attracting new customers and giving them an edge over other forms of traditional currency. Cryptocurrencies can be interestingly coupled with online casinos. 

Not all countries recognize cryptocurrencies as a valid form of currency, meaning for many casino fans who bet with them, their gains are ultimately converted to real money if they win. However, cryptocurrencies are volatile. You may be wondering why crypto is going down at some point in time. Thus, it takes to research and courage to go for cryptocurrency gambling. 

Final thought

Crypto Gambling is a great way to earn crypto and enjoy yourself in the process. It’s also legal, which means that you don’t have to worry about any shady side deals or consequences from gambling with your cryptocurrency. You can find many different types of games at casinos using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and more! To learn more about these coins and how they work in general read our other blogs on this topic.


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