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Home > Latest News > A Breakthrough New Article Authored by, Digital Currency Expert, Shaune Andrew Clarke.
A Breakthrough New Article Authored by, Digital Currency Expert, Shaune Andrew Clarke.

A Breakthrough New Article Authored by, Digital Currency Expert, Shaune Andrew Clarke.

01 Feb 2021

How Bitcoin Failed as a Currency and How This Dramatic Failure Has Created Tremendous Timing & Opportunity...

1) To Exit The Banking System.

2) Access The Power of Compounding.

3) Buy The Next Bitcoin – (at a steep discount)


In the beginning, the Promise of Bitcoin was to offer…

- An alternate currency.

- A digital form of money.

- A way to transact without needing a bank.



1) Transaction times – TOO SLOW.

2) Transaction costs – TOO HIGH.

3) TOO VOLATILE – (the value can swing as much as 20% in a single day)


- Just as dial-up Internet – showed us – What was possible.

- Just as Facebook – Replaced MySpace.

- Just as the iPhone – Replaced Nokia.

- Just as Google Replaced – Yahoo.

One Innovative Coin – is about to – Take The Position of…


It is important to understand…


So how is it worth over $30K USD Now?

Although Bitcoin was too slow, too expensive, and too volatile to be a currency, as the mother coin of cryptocurrency, it has become valuable as a store of value.

IE: Just as people may buy and hold Gold – because we know Gold holds its value over time, Bitcoin is now seen as a digital store of value.


Bitcoin Has Forever Secured its Position as


The World of Crypto – With a Huge Vacancy

And That Vacancy Creates Opportunity.

What Coin Can & Will Fill This Void


A Viable, Transactable – DIGITAL FORM OF CURRENCY.

My name is Shaune Clarke. I’ve always been moved by the notion that with cryptocurrency – we can create a completely new economy, without the need for banks or institutions that only serve to make the wealthy wealthier.

I’ve suffered the volatility of crypto. I’ve spent years in crypto education.

It’s true – I don’t think anyone can argue…

The Crown Jewel of Crypto – is an actual Currency.

The question becomes…

- Can it be done?

- Can we reduce Transaction Costs?

- Can we increase Transaction Speeds?

And most importantly…

- Can we eliminate – THE VOLATILITY – Of Cryptocurrency?


Let me explain it in really simple terms…

1) How Do We Solve – TOO SLOW…

- Ethereum has been saying for years it will shift from PoW to PoS. All you need to know is that doing so increases transaction speeds.

PoS simply increases the speed of the network and ultimately, the processing speed of any coin.

2) How Do We Solve – TOO EXPENSIVE – (transaction costs)

The reason for high transaction costs is because of congestion on the network. And that congestion is caused by a combination of increased usage but also slow transaction speed.

And so with the move from PoW to PoS – Ethereum would also reduce transaction costs.

Whilst this will help with the overall performance – it only solves two of the three problems required to be viable, as a digital form of currency.

The big issue of Price Volatility remains.

Most importantly, then…

3) How Do We Solve – TOO VOLATILE?

This is where it starts to get – VERY INTERESTING.

A few key points – for understanding and clarity…

1) Blockchain has shown us – A NEW ERA of Possibilities.

- We no longer need a third party to validate transactions.

- We no longer need banks.

These ideas have been well-established now, and they are the foundation of the success of crypto.

2) Although Bitcoin failed to be a currency – it did show us another innovation we can learn from.

- The supply of Bitcoin gets cut in half every four years.

- We can’t cut the supply of oil in half. We can’t just shut down half the Gold mines in the world. We can’t just quickly cut the supply of anything.

- And yet with the possibilities of Blockchain, Bitcoin has proven we can affect supply.


Blockchain Technology Allows Us To…


In other words, we can take a beneficial idea and add it to a coin simply by embedding it in the code - essentially Anchoring it to coin itself.

- As it relates to finding the next Bitcoin.

- As it relates to who will take the position as a Digital Currency.

- It is imperative to understand…

For The First Time Ever…


...We can embed rules (features) right into the code of a coin.

The only way that the supply of Bitcoin can be halved every four years is because that rule is embedded right into the coin’s code.

It is Anchored!

And we know the success of this because…

It’s already happened 3 times – for Bitcoin.

They actually call it - “The Halving” - which just means, supply cut in half.

The reason this is so critical to understand is that this idea allows us to…

ANCHOR RULES – (into the code of any coin)

…Creates Other New Possibilities.

The greatest may be…


To explain…

Tether is a crypto coin that has been set to the value of the US dollar.

And that is achieved because…

Its value at one USD is - anchored or - embedded into the code of the coin.

A coin is a digital entity that can have RULES embedded into the code of the coin.

And So – it becomes very clear…

- We can increase transaction speed using PoS.

- We can simultaneously reduce transaction costs with PoS.


- We can anchor the value – be embedding rules into the code of the coin.

And in my estimation…

- If we just get a bit more innovative we can indeed produce…

A Fast & Transactable – Form of Digital Currency…

That is Destined to Become - THE NEXT BITCOIN!

This has just happened.

One new coin has just been released that…

1) Uses an Innovative form of PoS = Transaction speeds at 2000/Second.

2) Uses this same form of PoS – to simultaneously reduce transaction costs.


3) The Value of the Coin is – ANCHORED – To The Last Highest Price of Gold.

- The Value of the Coin is NOT – Anchored - to the US Dollar.

- The Value of the Coin is NOT – Anchored – to the Price of Gold.

- The Value of the Coin is NOT – Backed By Gold.

The Value of the Coin – IS ANCHORED – (hard-wired) to…


That isn’t – The Price of Gold – It’s Innovative…


The Coin is Anchored at That Price

The Innovation Does Not Stop There However…



#1) The Power of Compounding – FOR THE PEOPLE…

If you look at how much interest you pay on your mortgage, it is absolutely shocking how much a bank earns on each mortgage. They don’t just charge us Interest – they charge us…



That Trillions of dollars are earned each and every year by banks charging us COMPOUNDING Interest. That creates an incredible wealth-creation vehicle…



FROM US. (at our expense)

Because of the way the current banking system is set up…

The majority (us) are providing wealth for a minority. (the wealthy)

- Who created this system?

And most importantly…

- Who Was it built for?

The answer is clear…

It was built by the wealthy for the wealthy.


A CURRENCY – THAT COMPOUNDS – And gives the power of Compounding…

Back to The People.


How much stronger our world would be if all that…

Wealth Created by COMPOUNDING…

Was distributed to the majority (us) – versus the minority. (the wealthy)

-- Think about how much larger a contribution you could make for your children.

-- This is now possible.

-- Through Blockchain – we can now access – The Power of Compounding.


As it relates to currency, including digital currency – Consensus is imperative to understand. The good news is simple to understand. I like to use this little analogy…

- If I were to hand you a $100 note – we’d both somehow agree that it is worth $100.

That $100 note is NOT “backed” by anything.

The only reason it has value – is because we agree to its value – at $100.

This is known as consensus. (agreement to the value - of a currency)

To further make this point…

If I were to now hand you a $10 note, somehow we will agree that that piece of paper is worth 10X less than the $100 note.


This only works because of agreement / Consensus.

Let’s now shift to Bitcoin…

- Why does it have the value it currently has?

Same idea…

- It is not backed by anything.


- Enough people see it now as a store of value – that it does indeed have value simply…


#3) How Business Owners Can Create Consensus For Crypto…

For a currency – the best exhibition of its value as a currency, is business owners' willingness to accept the currency - and at a specific value.


-- Business owners agree to accept a crypto coin (digital currency) at a specific value


-- Holders of the coin agree to transact at that same value…

…Then there’d be consensus/agreement at that value.

Inevitably – for this to succeed – both parties have to feel confident and safe with the value of the coin before they could agree to its value.

This is one of the big reasons why Bitcoin has failed as a currency. It is too volatile to create consensus at any one value, making it nearly impossible for business owners to feel confident in it as a currency.

Further to this…

If a coin does achieve consensus (businesses and coin holders transacting at an agreed value) – then this coin has achieved tremendous credibility, in the form of, what’s referred to as…

Use Case.

Use Case, simply means – real-life use. In crypto, this is used for any coin. The core question becomes… can you show Use Case?

It's easy for a coin to present its purpose, as a theory, but to actualise this purpose in real life use – shows the reality – A real use for the coin – or an actualised Use Case.

In other words…

If you see a crypto coin…

- That is anchored.

- That has consensus.

- That is actually be transacted between users and business owners.

…Then you would be experiencing a breakthrough in Blockchain technology.

This new coin already has hundreds of merchants accepting the coin for payment from users of the coin.

= Use Case Achieved

= Breakthrough in Digital Currency Now Available – FOR THE FIRST TIME.

#4) An Innovation – That Answers the Question… “What’s Backing it?”

Consistent with the idea that Blockchain technology, gives us a new world of possibilities – let’s look deeper – for 2 more ways to create stability and an unprecedented digital currency.

For some…

When they see a coin present itself as a digital currency – they will ask…

“What’s backing it?”

This can seem like a very natural question because money used to be backed by Gold, but it no longer is. Again, our money today is backed only by consensus.


If we are looking to achieve converts to a new currency, we’d want to reduce as much hesitation as possible.

One way to answer the question would be…

- To back the coin with physical Gold.

The issue with that is two-fold…

1) It’s not such an innovative idea. Anyone could do it.

Since blockchain offers us new possibilities, it makes sense that there’d be a more innovative technology to access.

2) By backing a coin with Gold – we’re actually going right back into the old system which is rife with manipulation and again, built for the wealthy.

Ideally, we’d find a currency, that has consensus, that does not have a direct link back to the old financial ecosystem.

The reason to consider Gold, however, is because it does have established value.

And so the perfect marriage between – utilising the accepted value of Gold and this new era of possibilities we find ourselves in – is likewise – two-fold…

1) As mentioned earlier - We can ANCHOR the value to Gold.

Rather than back the coin with Gold – we simply ANCHOR THE VALUE.

Because we can now and avoid the direct link back to the old system.


2) The reason to ask…

“What’s backing it?”

Is to feel confident in the anchored value of the coin. (at the last highest price of Gold)

Asked differently – the question would be…

“How do we insure, this anchored value that has been embedded into the code of the coin?”

This is…

Beyond consensus!

In Economics, economists use…

The Quantity Theory of Money

…to assess and determine what is required to stabilise the value of a currency.

This is so exciting to consider…

The Quantity Theory of Money can be embedded into the code of the coin to further back the coin and further aid in ensuring it’s stability, even beyond the power of consensus on its own.

It's like double validation, if you will.

And because we are in…


We can, and we should do this. IE: Create double validation.

This idea of embedding The Quantity Theory of money into the code of a coin is called…


An algorithm that is embedded into the code and therefore doesn’t require physical backing.

So we can now anchor the value and embed additional features into the code of a coin to create the ultimate form of digital currency.

#5) Triple Validation….

To take double validation one step further to triple validation.

This new coin is also putting their money where their mouth is…

50% of all coins sold will be sold from a reserve pool, and the monies raised from those sales will be deposited into a Fiat Reserve pool.

The funds from this pool can be used to balance the value of the coin – whether that be too low or too high. Again this is validation number three – should it ever be needed, and it may never be needed.

This high-performance new coin is…

-- Backed by actual money.


-- A non-collateralised algorithm.


-- CONSENSUS - (with Use Case)

Make no mistake about – this is currency.

The most important of those 3 is…

CONSENSES that includes Use Case.

That is a real-time, real-life exhibition of the value of the coin.

Contact Us for a No-Charge, No-Obligation Digital Currency Consultation

In the consult, you can ask any question you need clarity on.

We can do it!

For our children – I feel that if We can do it….

We MUST do it!

- We Can Exit – The Current Banking System.

- We Can Access – The Power of Compounding.

- There is a Limited Time, Special Offer – Just Until The Official Launch.

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