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Great Article - Paypal and What Is Missing

Great Article - Paypal and What Is Missing

12 Nov 2020

Great article! PayPal is onto it.

But one thing that is still missing is... the move to a stable coin.

And at the The Top Coins we are thrilled to see The People’s Reserve to be released and offering that missing piece… “A stable coin"!

See article below:


Can Governments stop the mass adoption of Crypto?

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency is currently playing out in a game of tug-o-war.

On the one hand, government regulatory authorities are launching scathing attacks on cryptos, while major payment services are pushing towards mass adoption. 
This month an official from The South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority told the media that… 

“Anything to do with crypto is highly suspect and nobody should be invested in any form of cryptocurrency or any of the products that go with it.”

Shortly after, the price of cryptocurrencies reacted positively to breaking news that PayPal will be launching four cryptocurrencies users can buy through their PayPal accounts. 
They are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

CEO of AltCoinTrader, Richard De Sousa, expressed his excitement about the announcement and said the world is ushering in a new financial system.
“With more big companies starting to buy cryptocurrencies, mass adoption will push up the price of cryptos. 

It will change history, the way we trade, how we do business and exchange value. 

With PayPals 26 million users getting access to the limited 21 billing Bitcoin supply, it is important to get your hands on Cryptocurrencies while you still can.

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